Monday, June 21, 2010

Yoga Passion (1 of 8 - Forward Bends)

Hi Ho Yoga Fans

Yoga Passion TV arose from the limitations of what I could communicate in the brisk flow of a normal 90-minute class. Yoga practitioners learn in different ways. Yoga Passion TV show is geared to opening up the transformational aspects of yoga on and off the mat utilizing experts from various fields. This 1st episode focuses on Forward Bends. The main influences for Yoga Passion’s HotCore Yoga include Bikram Choudhury’s world famous Bikram Yoga, Baron Baptiste’s Power Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Forrest Yoga as well as New Age energetic healing modalities such as Reiki & Magnified Healing. Our models demonstrate postures with a range of flexibility to reflect the wide variety of people who benefit from yoga.

In this first section I demonstrate Ujaya Yogic Breath where I inhale through nostrils and exhale through either nostril or mouth. The purpose of showing both ways to exhale is to reflect that more accomplished yogis will exhale through nostrils. But beginners may find it easier to exhale through the mouth. Proper Ujaya breath allows prana (lifeforce energy) to flow freely through our physical bodies. You’ll find more postings on YouTube by searching: Yoga Passion. Or go to to find out more about HotCore Yoga classes & our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training starting Sept 15 2010.

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NEW!! Hot Core Yoga Teacher Training

Hi Ho Yoga Fans

HotCore Yoga is part of the growing Hot Yoga wave sweeping the suburbs & cities in this country & beyond. In the early 70's Bikram Choudhury started something amazing with his famous 26-posture Standing & Floor Series. Now other yogi innovators are stepping forward with their contributions. 4 years ago I formulated HotCore Yoga as a response to bio-mechanical deficiencies in Bikram & other vigorous practices. Expanding the range of instruction regarding bandhas (core lift), the nuances of psycho-spiritual energetic awakening & introducing new postures to give greater emphasis to abs, hips & groiner openers were other reasons I created HotCore Yoga.

As members of a mega-changing global society, the awakening our individual & collective consciousness is needed now more than ever. Events from 9/11 to Katrina to financial meltdowns, rampant health & education breakdowns, political paralysis, crisis in religious institutions ... everywhere social systems seem to be realigning toward new balance points. How will we keep our heads above water amidst the accelerating storms of change? With the overall aging of society & spiraling of healthcare costs, isn't it obvious investing in the ancient lineage of yoga reaps benefits far beyond slimming waistlines?

Hot Yoga is on the cusp of getting another bump in attendance. Why? Because it works on so many levels. Improving physical & emotional wellness. Reducing stress. Rehabbing injuries & chronic conditions. Getting people off prescription & recreation drugs & other roller coaster stimulants. Reclaiming the sacred altar in the body temple. Sharing peace & love.

Are you yearning for a career where you can make a positive difference? If you want to become a wayshower for your community ... if you want to lead by example of transforming your spiritual understanding of who you are ... if you want to learn practical tools which so many people desperately need ... if you want to participate in a yogic mentoring program ... Our Weekend 200-Hour HotCore Yoga Teacher Trainings starts Sept 15. Early Bird discount expires July 15!

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